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Who we are?

Dreamland VR was founded by Cellular Magician Limited, which is London Ontario's most advanced smart phone, and tablet repair centre.  

As the founder of Cellular Magician, I have always considered myself a futurist.  I was one of the first one’s in Canada to import the original aluminum iPhone 2G smart phone and spent most of youth learning to write programming code on the Commodore 64, a decade before the Internet was created, when most people didn’t even know what a computer was.

I always believed that programmers were the architects of the future.  If you have children, teach them how to code now!  It is more important now, than you could ever imagine.  It is no longer an option, but a necessity.


I remember reflecting on how quickly the world would change once everyone had broadband speeds in their pocket.  Now, we are living in a world where exponential growth is a reality.

We have self-driving cars, autonomous flying drones, and soon, we will be living in a world that has a digital terrain that is just as real as the one we live in today.

You want to come to Dreamland!  You just don’t know it yet.  Dreamland VR is the most advanced experience centre in all of North America. 

What makes us special?


This is not a profession for me, it is a desire, and I see the writing on the wall.  Children, and Adults are tired of the same-old entertainment venues.  They want more, they just don’t know what they are looking for.  They are looking for Dreamland.

We are doing what the theaters will be doing in 5 years.  We offer the most realistic experiences in North America.  When you are walking in our temple, and you are holding a torch, you will feel like you are your favorite anthropologist explorer.  The temples will be real, you will feel the wind in the tunnels.  You will feel the wood of the base of the torch that you have clasped in your hand.

When you are walking on an Alien spaceship with your family,  you will be using your own feet to move.  As you look over your shoulder, you might notice that you are standing at the base of the bridge, afraid to cross.  That’s when you will turn around, and grasp their hand with your real hand, as you escort them across the spaceship.  It’s that real!

When you are in the zombie experience, and you are exploring the base in the desert.  Well, when the zombies come chasing you, and you are cornered, you will find yourself, back-to-back with your friends.  You will feel their backs, as you form a defense formation because your lives depend on it.  The guns are the most advanced in the world.  The chainsaw in your hand will feel like a real chainsaw.  What more could you possibly want? 

You can’t feel an experience this real, anywhere else.  Come to Dreamland, and you will see why everyone keeps coming back

See you soon!

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