Beginner (3D Roll-A-Ball Game) Outline

Lesson 1:

In this lesson students will learn to create a basic level layout comprised of a playground, walls and coins. They will learn basic 3D positions and how positional math is used within a 3D game engine. This lesson is the ground work for every other lesson that follows.

Lesson 2:

In this lesson students will learn the basics of programming in C#. They will start with a basic “Hello World” script and learn the foundations of programming. By the end of this lesson they will have a moving player in their own game and understand basic programming, program structure, math and Game mechanics.

Lesson 3:

In this lesson students will learn to use simple math to rotate the coins, create a script to collect coins as well as create simple UI to keep track of the number of coins collected. This Lesson further develops simple game loop structure as well as using math to keep track of values.

Lesson 4:

In this lesson students will create a custom start up menu screen for their game. This will allow the student to load into their game from the start screen, switch between full-screen and windowed, allow for future development on level selection and quit the game. This lesson adds a level of professionalism to the game and allows for a more polished game-play experience.


Lesson 5:

In this lesson students will create a complete second level and learn through programming how to load from level 1 to level 2. This level adds depth to the game and allows the students to use previous experience to further develop the skills they have learned so far.

Lesson 6:

In this lesson we will add sound through programming to the coin pick up, background music as well as music to the start up screen and learn to switch between audio through code. We will learn how to make a version of the game that students can use without having to use the Unity Editor that will allow them to show it off wherever they are.

Lesson 7 – 10 (Optional):

If they so desire the student can use these classes to further develop Roll a Ball with the aid of their instructor.