Beginner II (2D UFO Puzzle Game) Outline

Lesson 1:

In this lesson students will learn to create a 2D level comprised of a playground, 2D tile-sheet, collectables and learn to create a level using Unity’s Tile-map painter. This lesson is the first lesson on creating a 2D game with puzzles.

Lesson 2:

In this lesson students will build upon their current knowledge of programming and game design to collect coins, move the player and work with 2D colliders. This lesson allows the student to create the basic gameplay mechanics and gain a stronger understanding of 2D game development.

Lesson 3:

In this lesson the students will create a simple puzzle in their game to understand how one object can affect another through code. We will also create a second the layout for the second level and allow for a transition between levels. This lesson helps the student understand different game mechanics and develops their logic game loop.

Lesson 4:

In this lesson the students will create a custom start up menu screen for their game. They will be able to load into their game from the start screen, select a level switch between full-screen and windowed, change the graphics quality, allow for them to mute future audio and quit the game. This lesson further develops what the students learned in the Beginner course and allow them to create a more advanced Start screen.

Lesson 5:

In this lesson students will add UI to their game that displays the level, score and lives they will also create a game over scenario and game over screen. This lesson allows students to create different UI elements and allows the student to create a retry screen.

Lesson 6:

In this lesson students will add audio to their game, as well as create a runnable version of the game. This will allow students to create a version of the game that the students can play without having to run it through the Unity Engine. We will also take this time to discuss future puzzle ideas.

Lesson 7-10 (Optional):

If they so desire the student can use these classes to further develop their Puzzle game with the aid of their instructor.