arizona sunshine lbvr

When you want to hold two guns at the same time, and shoot things.

Whether it's date night, or adult family night, the adrenaline rush you will

receive from playing Arizona Sunshine LBVR is undeniably unmatched.

You start off on a deserted nuclear military base that is infested with zombies.  Your goal is to find the missile silos and nuke these monsters.

You are equipped with two hyperkin blasters which will bring you back to those Nintendo days.  This is a great experience because you actually wield two guns, with one in each hand.  You need to descend deep into the base, and then launch a nuclear missile, and eventually escape.

There are some puzzles that you need to solve along the way, which will require team work.


Minimum Age: 14
Duration: 20 min minutes
Cost: $49.00 per person

*Player: 2-4



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