Coronavirus - Dreamland VR Development Plan

To our valued Guests


One of our Core Values at Dreamland VR is Safety. To that end, we want to let you know about the measures we're taking to help address COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and minimize any risk to our guests and staff.


While the risk here in London is still low, we want to be proactive. We're following the advice of Ontario Health, and carefully following the situation.


Firstly, we've dramatically increased the frequency and depth of our cleaning procedures. We've always put a lot of effort into cleaning and sanitizing our facility, but we're doubling down on that. You'll see our staff out much more often, disinfecting "high touch" areas.


Here is what we are doing:


1.      We have installed many anti-viral sanitation stations through out our entire facility.  Each station is visible, and clearly marked with a sign. 


2.      We have purchased two 5.3-gallon Drums of industrial isopropyl cleaning alcohol. We want lots of it, and we don’t want to run out.


3.      We have added an additional 10 minutes to properly clean all equipment between every holodeck attraction. All guns, peripherals, torches, props, and face masks are now sanitized before, and after every single attraction. 


4.      We have replaced all the marker gloves we use in our holodeck with a special leather strap that minimizes the amount of skin contact.


5.      All light switches, doorknobs, racing wheels are regularly sanitized. Anything that we think someone might touch is now regularly sanitized with anti viral spray solution and wipes.


6.      We have ordered surgical grade UV cleaning units that are typically used to sanitize scissors and small tools. We will be adding these as a secondary cleaning disinfected process for all VR face masks.


Our attention is now shifting to the education portion of our plan



1.      Training all associates on how to properly wash their hands.


2.      Training all associates on cough and sneeze etiquette.


3.      Training all associates on our new attendance policies related to Coronavirus. For example, when cases of the Coronavirus have been confirmed in our community, we will be taking the temperature of all employees as they enter our location.