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Video Game Programming and Design For Kids & Teens

We have created the most exciting & interactive

game development courses in London, Ontario!

AGES:  10 - 18 

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ONLY $34.99 Per Class

The Most Exciting, And Affordable, Game Development Courses Available

Does your child have an interest in video games? Why not let them make their own! Our courses are designed to help your kid(s) build a game from start to finish using the latest VR technologies and with the help of our experienced instructors. Allow them to bloom in a learning rich environment full of interactive problem solving, math and visual development.

Develop With Unity!

Unity is one of the best game engines on the market today! It's powerful, reliable, easy to learn and runs on almost any computer! This makes it an amazing tool for professionals and students alike! Unity will allow your kid to create games and apps for PC, Mac, Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, iOS, Android and More! It is a tool that will allow our students to succeed in life!

Interactive and Fun!

The key to teaching a kid anything is to keep it entertaining! We don't want your kid to sit through an hour of tough questions and answers! Our classes are designed to allow your kid to play their game at anytime to view their current progress as well as allow it to be taken home and tried out on a home computer!

Their fantasy comes to life!

Once our students feel comfortable working with Unity and SketchUp, they will be able to use their newly learned skills to create anything. If they want to build a rocket-ship, a dark ominous dungeon full of booby-traps, or a castle surrounded by dragons, our classes will give them the skills to do so.

Watch your kids grow!

Our classes are designed so that after each lesson the students will have something new to show off. This could be a new game feature or a new room or building. This allows for the students to feel accomplished after each class.


The educational system is always a decade behind.  They are on tight

budgets, and can rarely afford to provide your kids with the best 


Here at Dreamland VR we will teach your children how to create their

own realities.  

Prepare your kids for the future.

Developers are the architects of the future.

The advent of 5G networks is going to change the world.  Virtual Reality is

going to be everywhere.  Soon, there will be little difference between the 

real world, and the digital one. 


Wouldn't it be great if your children received a head start?  How fantastic would it be if they knew more than their teachers?

Give your children knowledge that will empower them.  Inspire them to discover the hidden talents that you know they possess.  Sometime's all someone needs is an opportunity.  Enroll today!  Limited Spaces Available.

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