Patient Zero

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Sometimes you just want to shoot things!

Whether it's date night or adult family night, the adrenaline rush you will

receive from playing Patient Zero is undeniably unmatched.

You start off in a desert, and you are armed with Striker Virtual Reality rifles.  

As you place the rifle in your hands the first thing you will notice is its impressive

weight, and construction.  It feels real!

The next thing you will notice is that regardless of how you grip your weapon, 

your hands always touch it in the virtual world exactly as if it was real.

Everything from the trigger to the chamber is just as accurate in the real world

as it is in the virtual world.

The Striker Virtual Reality guns are without question the best virtual reality

weapons in the world.  They have impressive recoil, and they are equipped

with various haptic motors, so that your weapon always feels real.  whether

you prefer to use a shotgun the sniper rifle, machine gun, or the chainsaw,

the recoil will always reflect the weapon you are using.  When you have the

chainsaw in your hand, it feels like a real chainsaw.


While you have access to many different weapons, you do have limited 

ammunition, so use it sparingly.  You will start the experience on the surface

of a desert of a secret military base.  Your mission will be to descend

underground, and find Patient Zero.


Minimum Age: 14
Duration: 20 - 25 minutes in game
Stay: 40 Minutes
Cost: $49.00 per person

*Player: 2-5

If you have more than 5 players, it is possible to run two experiences at the same time.  You can have up to 8 players playing.