terminal 17


Terminal 17 is one of the best family, and friend experiences in the world.  You

can have up to 8 people playing at the same time.  The experience appeals to

Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, even little Sarah, and little Johnny.

It is family friendly, so there is no blood, or killing.  The only casualties will be the

bugs that you have destroyed, because they're everywhere.  

This experience will leave you feeling like you are actually on a space shuttle 

that is travelling to Terminal 17.  You might have to hold someone's hand as they

break out in a sweat as they begin to board the shuttle.  Some people can't

handle the fear of heights.

The cinematic are gorgeous, almost breathtaking.  As you defend the

outpost you will have to duck to avoid lasers, take pause before you cross certain 

doorways as you avoid breathing in poisonous gas.  

Minimum Age: 8
Duration: 15 minutes in game
Stay: 25 Minutes
Cost: $29.00 per person

*Player: 2-8

Minimum Age: 8
Duration: 30 minutes
Stay: 40 Minutes
Cost: $49.00 per person

*Player: 2-8