Tikal - night of the blood moon

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Tikal - Night of the Blood Moon

You will find yourself traveling to the ancient temple of Tikal as the blood moon
rises. Armed only with the legends of the Mayan culture, this team of specialists
aims to block the evil intent of the ancient lore.

All of you will work together to solve puzzles, and navigate ruins, so that you can

get through each level and fight the evil.


This thrilling, adventure is almost indescribable.  It utilizes full body tracking.  

Your hands, feet and waist are tracked.  This allows us to add physical objects

in the game that you can utilize and pick up with your hands.  


Come see the future, as you, your friends, or family experience exactly

what it is like to walk through a real temple.


Minimum Age: 9
Duration: 20 minutes in game
Stay: 40 Minutes
Cost: $49.00 per person

*Player: 4-8